Toke Makinwa has a message for people who won't stay out of her business

Toke Makinwa

If you are one of those people who won't stay away from Toke Makinwa's business, she has a message for you all.

Wondering where to find the message? You've got to check out her Instagram page where she posted a video on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 and talked about busybodies and their relentlessness. She went on to caption the video with a very direct message for her haters.

"World people be like...... I’m wilding on this week’s episode of Toke Moments, 不不不不 all jokes aside though, I’m tired of the “she must be sleeping around to get ahead narrative, it’s getting boring now. Is it your sleep around? Is it ya body???? Her body count is high, is it ya high?????? Drink water and chill abeg 不不不不 I told a friend of mine the other day “stunt on them cos if the tables were turned they will ball on you too”. Have a laugh today guys, don’t tight your chest too much, relax those muscles 不不不不不 life is short, keep giving them hell 不不不不不不 they will be alright," she wrote.

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Well, if you find yourself in this category or have friends who seem to fit the description of who Toke Makinwa is talking about, then we sure you got the message and can pass it across to that friend.

This isn't the first time a celebrity has come out to talk about busybodies who won't mind their business. Recall that back in 2018, Okey Bakassi came for busybodies who never have anything nice to say to people rather they would drop negative comments on social media.