Tonto Dikeh wants all her 'challenge' money back, find out why

Tonto Dikeh

Its very simple guys, Tonto Dikeh wants her money back and we guess you all are wondering who has her money and why she wants its back?

Let's break it down for you guys, recall that about 24 hours ago, the movie star kicked off a challenge on her Instagram page where she paid off the debts of four people. A few hours later, Tonto Dikeh began to flood her Instagram page with different posts directed towards her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill indicating that their frosty relationship had resurrected again.

We guess Tonto Dikeh's mood was ruined by the back and forth of her Instagram rants and decided to forgo all her previous kind gestures. She took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, where she revealed that she felt like retrieving all the monies she previously gave out.

"The way I feel everyone I paid their debt for yesterday in total 10 of you, I want my money back," she wrote in the post.

For the guys who got their debts settled, please do not panic as Tonto Dikeh went on to reveal that she wasn't going to take it back because money isn't really one of her problems...sigh of relief!!!

Tonto Dikeh pays off debts for 4 people as she starts new challenge

Tonto Dikeh starts #PAYYOURDEBTCHALLENGE as she pays off debts for 4 people [Instagram/TontoDikeh]

The movie star took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, where she shared a photo of four cheques which apparently are met for some of the beneficiaries of her kind gesture. She went on to appeal to other people to make conscious efforts to pay their debts.

"So I Just paid 5peoples debt Off, who came to my dm to seek help!! house rent -School fees, business money -children support, Medical Bill. It’s #PAYYOURDEBTCHALLENGE. So if I like you I will help clear your debts if considerate!! Make a conscious effort to pay someone you owe today...You can also help someone pay a bill today!! THANK YOU," she captioned the photo.

Tonto Dikeh is well known to be that benevolent celebrity and has never come short of that.