Why illiterates would continue to rule Nigeria-Ben Murray-Bruce reveals

 Ben Murray-Bruce

The senator  representing the Bayelsa East constituency has asserted that literates who stay away from politics do more harm to the country than they can imagine.

Ben Murray-Bruce stated that illiterates are the ones going into politics, while the educated ones are chasing money in the private sector.

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He tweeted:

'As long as you, who are here attacking the government, don’t go into politics, you will sustain the Nigerian status quo, where illiterates govern the literates. Nigeria’s problem is that literates chase money in the private sector while illiterates chase power in government.'
Ben Murray-Bruce

It is sad to agree to this.
But that is the truth.

The literates and educated ones are scared of going into politics.
Even the religious body has made it much more difficult by spreading the word ” politics is a blood game”

But it is high time Nigeria choose the right person.