How Cross River People's Forum serves as a Vital tool for socio-economic transformation

Cross River People's Forum

 It  is no longer news that social Cultural Groups throughout human history have played, Great, Noble, and Significant roles in Shaping their various Communities where there are link with for generations. Let us just reflect on our contemporary time, about the many Cultural and Social Groups that helped formed and shaped America History.

 The Groups mounted solid pressure for the Emancipation of colored People in America history. The Libration Movements were formed for the sake of finding a voice for the voiceless, and helping the most venerable people in their Community to received Better treatment and to enjoy equal and good opportunities. Functional Societies and Government often thrives, when purposeful and result oriented Pressure Groups formed themselves to checkmate, and as feedback Channels for the Government and their people.

The (CROSS RIVER STATE PEOPLE's FORUM), has come at the nick of time, where there is a Revolutionary Sound in the Air. The Sounds of Economic and Technological Development, The Sound of Industrial and Value Chain for our Natural Resources, The Sound of Political correction in issues regarding our Democratic relevance as a State and Nation.

 A Social Cultural and Political Group such as (CRSPF), must be fully supported and encouraged by all Cross Riverians as obtained in well meaning Societies. The State and Local Government Councils need to liaised with Groups as this in their respective areas to fully harness the utmost Best for our People.

The core mission is to built a robust synergy between the Government and the Govern, for their Programs and Policies, by these, Governance can be brought closer to the People. This is the time for all Cross Riverians to Stand for the Maximum Development of our Dear State and People. May History Judge us Faithful, that, we took the right decision in our time to make and created a Blessed and Favourable Future for the Generation Next. God Almighty Blessed Cross River State. God Almighty Blessed Cross River State People's Forum. AMEN.Shalom.

Apostle Adeh Israel.
 (National Social Secretary, Cross River State People's Forum).