How a Man got delivered from Madness after 37 years in Living Faith Church, Saburi 1 Abuja

Mad man gets healed

By Adoga Michael Oyi
25th July, 2019

A man identified as Amos Magaji from Kaduna state but base in Zuba in Abuja, took to living faith Church aka winners chapel, saburi 1 Abuja, to testify how he was delivered from 37 years madness.

Mr Magaji testified in Wednesday mid-week communion service  how he was mad for 37 years but got healed on stepping into living faith  church Saburi 1, Abuja. According to him, during the period of the 37 years  he wasn't himself, he defecate and eat it up, he urinate and drink it, "i was tattered, don't even know what was happening in the world, i shit and eat my shit, drink my urine, i don't bath during the period of the 37 years madness".

Speaking on how he got his healings, Mr Magaji while in tears, said something directed him to this church, "something in my spirit told me to come to living Faith Church Saburi 1, that LFC Saburi 1 is my home", he said.

He further stated that, on steeping his feet into LFC Saburi 1 in one of the Sunday services, he felt usually touch. After the service, on his along Dei-dei Abuja, a man asked him why he was so tattered (wearing torn clothes) and sweating profusely? Mr Magaji answered by saying, "i am coming from LFC saburi 1 were i just got my healing from 37 years old madness" the good Samaritan asked if he has other clothes to change to, Magaji answered 'NO' that he doesn't even have home. The good Samaritan then took Magaji home, clothes him, gave him food, bought bible for him, gave him place to stay.

According to the man delivered of madness, he began praying to God to recompense those that had made him mad. "just few days after my deliverance, i was told one of my friends is dead, i asked if he confessed but they said no, i said another will confess soon".  "On Tuesday i received another call that my mother is also dead, i have come to return all glory to God", Magaji said.

Mr Magaji is appealing to Nigerians to come to his aid. "wasted 37 years is not 3 years, i don't know where to start from but i believe God that had delivered me have a plan for me" he concluded.

One of the pastors in the church Pastor Chris, immediately removed his Suit and tie and handed over to Mr Magaji. Expect many Goodwill from the church.

The resident Pastor Pastor Mike, also took time to lead the man to Christ, telling him God loves him and set to do a new thing in his life. Pastor Mike urged Mr Magaji to be steadfast in serving God that God will surprise him yet again. The resident pastor urged other members and visitors of the church to key into Magaji's testimonies and sit up in serving God, that God is ready to do abundantly and exceedingly what his has promised.

Living Faith Church, Saburi 1 Abuja, is located opposite Mopol Barracks Abuja, along Suleja Zuba express way Abuja, Nigeria.