Owojela Odey gets Appointed as Pioneer PRO for FEDSCO Alumini 2014 Set

Odey Owojela

The Founder of Owojela's Blog and also a 2014 Alumini of the Federal Science College, Ogoja, Odey Paul Owojela has been appointed as the first Public Relations Officer to govern the FEDSCO 2014 Alumni set.

Possessing the qualities of a good Public Relations Officer which includes always been Ready, Audience Minded, Great Storyteller, Persuasive Prowess, Connection Cultivator, Punctuality, Willing to Learn and been Detail Oriented, the electorate deemed him fit to handle the Leadership role.

Here's an official release from the Electorate Committee:

Introduction  Of New Executive Committee (EXCO)

Whereas an Electorate was formed on the 25th Day of September, 2019 and were saddled to provide for us an Executive Committee (EXCO) that will pilot the affairs of the prestigious set of 2014 Federal Science College Alumni.

Whereas the Electorate has given out forms to individuals who indicated interest to the service of our dear 2014 set of the Federal Science College Alumni.

Whereas some conscious and diligent comrades have successfully filled, returned the forms given to them.

Whereas they have also satisfied the electorate by passing through the screening exercise of the electorate and also in good and just standing with our dear 2014 set of the Federal Science College Alumni.

We hereby present to you the new Executive Committee that will pilot the affairs of our 2014 set of the Federal Science College Alumni on this day, 30th Day of December, 2019;

President - Comr. Agudosi Chukwuka Obioma

Vice President - Comr. Israel Prudent Mkpoikanke-Abasi

Secretary - Comr. Bitrus Anthonia Terenom

Treasurer - Comr. Igwe Blessing Chidinma

Public Relations Officer - Comr. Odey Paul Owojela


 They also stands inaugurated
We hereby appeal to everyone to comply and work with the above mentioned EXCO in love, support, prayers and careful criticism to take us to the best level.
Thank you and God bless you all

Comr. Orogwu Benjamin Emeka (Emiben)

Comr. Ijere Benedict (Benjacks)

Comr. Etim Ruth

Comr. Usman Goodness

Comr. Chibuike



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