Vote of thanks for the contributors to Paprika for Africa 1written Go Tsutsui by Nkimusowo Ojong

The die is cast, ladies and gentlemen. We are counting the hours to Paprika for Africa launch come Tuesday 25th February 2020 by 7 pm JPT( Japanese Standard time).
The webinar is via YouTube and the link is provided below:

Watch on Youtube Live here

It is my profound pleasure to mention the roll call of gratitude for stellar contributors to the execution of this work.

Mr.  Stephen Okonkwo and Mr. Ifede Challa both Masters students at Chiba University, Japan. Both were instrumental in getting Paprika for Africa informercial language versions English and French respectively.

Miss Victoria Archibong; the delectable  Communication expert who literally recorded the Efik language version of Paprika for Africa.

Mrs. Ame Amadi; a resourceful social media propagator of Paprika for Africa. She is a Master's scholarship student in Japan.

Lastly, Mr. Jonpaul Okpara, the President of Kakehashi Africa and an ABE ( African Business Education) Masters scholarship student at Ehime University, Japan.