COVID19 fight and Japan's commitment to Cross River by Adek Bassey

Health leaders in Cross River State

Following the recent increase in the Novel Corona Virus (nCOVID-19) pandemic in Nigeria , the Cross River State Government is to be listed amongst the states to receive the next tranche of support materials for prevention and control. The first tranche is currently ongoing to 7 States of the Federation.

Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Ikanade Agba , made this known in Abuja when the Cross River State delegation led by the Commissioner for International Development Cooperation , Dr Inyang  Asibong and that of Health , Dr Betta Edu visited him in his office.

Ikananade said the Japanese Government had set out $18.2M (Eighteen Million, Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars) as grant to strengthening the capacity of network laboratories of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in Nigeria.

The Japanese mission efforts to stem the malaise of infectious disease in Nigeria is more expansive and subsisting before now. They award scholarships to Nigerians by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology MEXT in Japan. Notably, is Mr. Nkimusowo Ojong a Cross Riverian who is a Masters in Science researcher currently at Saitama University in Japan. 
Mr. Nkimusowo Ojong
Mr. Nkimusowo Ojong

 He is working on asymmetrical biotargeting of disease causing insects. The model is to use carnivorous plants to target and annihilate the harmful insects. The work envelopes various fields like ecology, structural  engineering, ergonomy, agriculture, molecular biology and genetics. 

The link underneath is a video presentation of the ergonomic settings of the International House in Saitama presented by Mr. Nkimusowo Ojong.


People don't really understand what the world is really passing through, all they thunk is that the covid-19 is fake but not knowing that its 100% real. I over had someone saying that covid-19 is fake and he will start up his business full and that was when the world declared total lock-down. As for me, my life is so precious to me more than anything. Thanks to God for seeing us through, also thanks to you for taking your time in providing information despite the hard time. I really do appreciate your work.