Alive To God Experience 2020 Commences Today by 3pm GMT +1

Alive To God Experience 2020


Get ready for another level of spiritual edification and proclamation in the 3rd Edition of #AliveToGodExperience #2020. This promises to be power packed as you will be attaining Greater Heights by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Make it a date and tune in live with us!

Alive To God Experience 2020 with @ministachinonso 🔥will be happening live today, the 31st of October Saturday 2020. Also featuring

@officialvictoriasmart @pstkennedyjoseph @voicesbeyondwalls @northfacemuzic

@phreddyblazer @e.s_keys_official

OSCAR & More

🔥To attend #AliveToGodExp2020

Ensure you are following @ministachinonso so that you can be notified when they go live.

Here's the link to the Live Stream :

Give Thanks to God, for he deservesa all our praise!