How Escape by Obua JP Became the Most Downloaded Book of 2021 in History


Obua JP Escape

 Last Sunday, Owojela’s Blog made a review on one of the most interesting books ever  written in recent times and it was a book by award winning writer Obua JP's fictional triology titled ‘Escape'.

 It’s an 18 paged literary piece with in-depth content that shows you deep things about life and how the narrator felt in each stage of life.

 A report came in showing that the book ‘Escape’ by Obua Joseph is the fastest selling Nigerian Literary piece of 2021 and the most downloaded Nigerian Poetry collection in history. Isn’t this wonderful? That’s more reason for you to check out the content of this book for FREE.


Most downloaded book in 2021

Escape by Obua JP has crossed 5,000 unique downloads in less than three weeks.

Obua Joseph book crosses 5,000 downloads

As it was stated earlier, a review was made on the book and you can read about how Owojela’s Blog reviewed Escape by Obua JP.

You should be much convinced to take a look at the well written literary piece by simply clicking the link below to download for FREE

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