Owojela's Blog Reviews Obua JP's Escape [A Must Read]


Obua JP's Escape

In Obua's book, it's a fictional trilogy of a sought which tells you that life isn't a bed of roses. We came out a pandemic year which was 2020, it affected us in one way or the order or maybe someone close to us or at least what we may have seen from the TV and then the protest. This isn't part of the story line but it connects us to what this book has to offer.

It's a smalll book with deep insights and leaves one thoughtful as we see the pain felt by the unnamed protagonist (The Narrator) had to deal with, from loss of his wife in an inferno in his house which leaves him with suicidal thoughts of having an ‘Escape’ from life to the second story line which involves the loss of his first child at birth who he already named and He was on the verge of blaming God and questions such as did this child only live to die? And then to the loss of his wife, to the third who was seeking for love and found one and is now lost as he faces betrayal from his love.


The narrator was in one way or the other suicidal and was within crossroads of either continuing with life or ending it. The author Obua JP used a very fine style of poetry as anyone could relate to the scenes that the narrator faced.

What I learnt from this book is that life is not a bed of roses and we should prepare our minds for challenges, as they are bound to come in every stage of our lives. Like a great man once said, “Life is warfare”.

The warfare continues till the end of life and so, I recommend this nice piece of artwork to anyone who is passing through any form of challenge in life. Obua JP’s Escape is indeed a niece book.

You can read and download for free via this link and also make your own comments concerning the book :  DOWNLOAD HERE


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