Owojela’s Blog Reviews Obua JP’s Preacher of Love


Preacher of Love

Not so long when seasoned Poet, Obua Joseph Peter better known as Obua JP gave us a record breaking fictional trilogy titled “Escape” he went further with deeper food for thought with this piece titled “Preacher of Love”.

 It is often said that love rules the world and that isn’t false, as everyone would tell to love someone at one time of their life.

 Preacher of Love is book you can actually relate to, as it has an overflow of powerful emotions recollected in tranquility.

 We live in a generation where a lot of young people bottle up their emotions and sad moments and share fake smiles on social media and you would think all is well with them, most of them have suffered or are suffering from emotional and mostly relationship breakdown.

 Just as an average Nigerian man would say, ‘Obua JP finished work on Preacher of Love’ by clearly expressing most of our negative emotional state. He didn’t celebrate the fact that the negatives were good, but simply expressed how the narrator felt.

  As  fresh as ‘Preacher of Love’ is on the internet space, it has gained over 1,000 downloads, so I can simply say the book is one that everyone of us should read and digest as every part of the book carries a message.

Preacher of Love stats

You can read and download for free via this link and also make your own comments concerning the book : PREACHER OF LOVE